Monday, April 9, 2012

MINDS IN THE WATER east coast of Australia tour

Pro surfer Dave Rasta Rastovich went from an ocean minded admirer to an ocean activist when he embarked on a personal mission to help stop the worldwide commercial slaughter of dolphins and whales. While unsure at first, Dave quickly found his activist sea legs and helped build a core team of filmmakers, journalists, musicians, eco-pirates, celebrity surfers and even a professional mermaid to help spread the message. All this has been documented in the film, Minds In The Water.
Five years in the making, Minds In The Water is the story of one surfer’s international journey to help protect dolphins, whales and their ocean environment. Through the charismatic journey of one person’s life, witness an adventure spanning the globe from Australia and the Galapagos to Tonga, Alaska and Japan. See first hand how one surfer’s quest to protect dolphins and whales has blossomed into a movement of like minds. The film captures a key moment in one person’s life when apathy is no longer an option.
The message of the film is two fold: The power of one individual to inspire people to take action and make a difference and if ocean minded people are to pass on a sustainable culture, then they must become responsible stewards of their coastal environment. Through Rasta's journey, we see one surfer’s quest to activate his community to help protect the ocean and its inhabitants.

         April 13th - Coolangatta, Gold Coast  "The Komune" (Dave Rastovich to present)
         April 15th - Sunshine Coast "Coolum Civic Center" (Dave Rastovich to present)
         April 17th - Brisbane @ TBA
        April 22nd - CoffsHarbour "Coffs Harbour Cinemas" (Dave Rastovich to present)
        April 26th - Newcastle TBA
        April 27th - Avoca "Avoca Beach Picture Theatre"
        April 29th - Sydney TBA
        May 3rd - Melbourne @ TBA
        May 4th - Torquay "Surf World Museum"
        May 6th - Sorrento "Peninsula Cinema"

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