Thursday, April 21, 2011

9'7" Bing "OT" Pintail

I've been waiting to get one of these "OT" Bing Pintails since I saw one while I was in CA last year. It was a board built for Icons of Surf so I had to wait my turn. This one will be for sale when it arrives in OZ around early to mid June.

Description: "OT" stands for Original Template modeled after the original late 60s Bing Pintail outline with the wider point further back, slight step nose & concave, volan glassing, round 50/50 rails into a slight edge in the tail. Stringer: Cedar + black high density foam + yellow high density foam + black high density foam + cedar.

Sounds good!!!

An original 1968 Bing Pintail with the same stringer set-up.

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