Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Bing model the 'Levitator'.

Standard Sizes: 9’0” to 10’0”+ Nose: 19 ½” Middle: 23 ½”-24 ¾” Tail: 16 ½” Thickness: 2 ¾”-3 ¼”
Living up to its name, the Bing Levitator does just that. Adopting a similar deck and rocker line to the Bing Elevator, the Levitator combines step deck and concave with a wide outline and foiled down rails, allowing you to defy the laws of gravity and noseriding. Find yourself clearing through every section you encounter while still hanging ten with insane amounts of speed on the nose. Where the Elevator is more ideal in steeper beach break stylewaves, the Levitator works best in waves with a little more slope, like your local point or reef break. Ideal for people who like more volume with stability, glide and lift in the nose, the Levitator is an easy beginner noserider as well as a versatile board for the more advanced surfer.

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